NEVADA: Dirty Dining: Johnny Rockets on Paradise

Posted: April 15th, 2012 - 6:24pm
Source: KTNV

Las Vegas, NV -- It's always important to keep food at the proper temperatures. That's one of the major violations that recently led to the closure of a Valley restaurant.
Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef and chicken were all at the wrong temperatures. That's just one of the problems inspectors found during a recent visit to Johnny Rockets, on Paradise Road near East Harmon.
The Southern Nevada Health District slapped the restaurant with 48 demerits, forcing it to shut it's doors. Anything more than 40 demerits is an automatic closure.
The health report says, "the facility does not have adequate refrigeration" to keep prepared hot foods at 41 degrees and below and calls this an "imminent health hazard."
Other issues: Chili found sitting out, thawing at room temperature; chicken double-stacked in the freezer; an unlabeled chemical bottle near the ice cream station; a mold-like substance on the ice machine; and a leaking condenser in the freezer, covering multiple foods with ice.
And the report says the person in charge could not demonstrate any knowledge in food safety.
Contact 13 stopped by but the manager wasn't available. But Johnny Rockets President and CEO issued this statement:
"We hold all of our restaurant operators to extremely high standards and are proud of our reputation for serving safe and satisfying food in a clean environment. In any situation that a restaurant misses the mark, we immediately correct issues as quickly as possible and prevent them from reoccurring. I assure you that it is safe to eat at this restaurant, as well as all of the other Johnny Rockets, in Las Vegas and around the world."
The Health District tells us Johnny Rockets has been reinspected and is now back open and operating with a 6 demerit A grade.


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