NEVADA: Dirty dining: Jugoo chinese restaurant on Maryland Parkway

Posted: March 31st, 2012 - 12:00pm
Source: KTNV

Las Vegas, NV -- A Valley restaurant is shut down by health inspectors, twice in just five months. Contact 13's Tricia Kean looks at the recent violations in the Dirty Dining report.
"I just messed up," says restaurant owner, Terry Zhang.
That's was his reaction after the Southern Nevada Health District shut down Jugoo Chinese Restaurant back in October with 44 demerits. At the time, Terry promised improvements.
"I will ensure the quality, the safety and everything," says Terry.
But 5 months later, inspectors were back at Jugoo, on South Maryland Parkway near Tropicana Avenue, and forced it to close its doors again. This time, it was slapped with 49 demerits.
Among the issues: an employee was actually spotted sneezing into their hand and then continuing to work with food. Two employees were working with expired health cards, required paperwork for any restaurant employee.
Also, frozen meat was found sitting out and thawing at room temperature and raw meat was stored improperly.
Foods like rice, chicken and eggs were found at the wrong temperatures. And there was food debris and grease build up throughout the restaurant.
Channel 13 stopped by Jugoo to ask about the latest inspection.
We were told Terry wasn't available to speak with us. And he never did call us back.
The Health District tells us Jugoo Chinese Restaurant has been reinspected and is now operating with a 9 demerit A grade.


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