WASHINGTON: Family of Yelm girl sues over E. coli contamination

Posted: January 5th, 2012 - 2:59pm
Source: KOMO

The family of a Yelm girl is seeking damages from a Thurston County creamery in relation to this fall's E. coli outbreak related to contaminated milk products.
The lawsuit against Cozy Vale Creamery in Tenino was filed in Thurston County Superior Court last week.
According to the complaint, the five-year-old girl was hospitalized for a week at Seattle Children’s Hospital after testing positive for the E. coli bacteria in early November.
The complaint claims she became dangerously anemic and required a blood transfusion.
In late November, Washington Agriculture Department tests at the creamery found E. coli contamination in the milking parlor and processing area.
Cozy Vale Creamery's milk products were distributed through seven retail outlets in Thurston and Pierce counties. They include whole milk, skim milk and cream.


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