INDIA: Two kids, teen die of food poisoning

Posted: April 29th, 2011 - 1:51pm
Source: Associated Press

MIRZAPURAM (KRISHNA DISTRICT) -- Two children and a teenager died after consuming food at a shack in Mirzapuram in Nuzvid mandal, Krishna district on Tuesday morning. Eight others were hospitalised.
Vissanapalli Geetika (2), Songa Sravanti (6), Kasinikarla Varalakshmi (18) had had food at an eatery run by J Nagamani, wife of a lorry driver, in the Dalit locality of the village. Officials suspect that the puri and curry served at the shack were contaminated. Some 20, who consumed the food, including Nagamani’s son-in-law and his daughter Sravanti, began vomiting.
Sravanthi died while being rushed to a hospital while the two-year-old baby Geetika died at a private hospital in Eluru. Varalakshmi too was shifted to Eluru but died at the government hospital there. Among those hospitalised, the condition of one is said to be critical.

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