PENNSYLVANIA: Six critical health violations found at North East business

Posted: March 12th, 2010 - 8:23am

At least once a year, Erie County Department of Health officials inspect all restaurants and stores that sell unpackaged food. Here is a list of violations recorded March 4 through Wednesday. For a first look at the list, go to every Thursday.
Jammin' Vine, 11884 E. Main St., North East Township. (No Person in Charge; old food residue, dishes, utensils seen in hand-washing sink; severely moldy bread stored in cooler with other bread; wing sauces with chicken residue not in sound condition; excessive food buildup in microwave and potato cutter; mouse droppings found in kitchen.) Also 9 noncritical violations. Kitchen ordered closed, but bar allowed to remain open. Tuesday.
Arby's, 2812 W. 26th St., Millcreek Township. (Person in Charge not performing required duties; employee's open beverage seen in food preparation area; slicer not washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours.) Also 2 noncritical violations. Tuesday.
Top's Buffet, 5618 Peach St., Millcreek Township. (No single towels at hand-washing sink; no sanitizing of food-contact surfaces.) Also 7 noncritical violations. Wednesday.
The Cornerstone Bar & Grill, 809 E. 38th St. (Chicken breast not cooled properly; barbecued beef, chili and pasta not kept cold enough.) Also 1 noncritical violation. Monday. Reinspected Wednesday, previous violations corrected.
Edinboro/McKean VFW Post 740, 10613 Route 98, Franklin Township. (Slicer has accumulation of food residue on food-contact surfaces.) Wednesday.
North East Lanes, 180 W. Main St., North East. (No convenient hand-washing sink in bar area.) Also 3 noncritical violations. Tuesday.
Country Fair, 170 W. Main St. North East. (Employees donning single-use gloves without washing hands.) Also 3 noncritical violations. March 5. Reinspected Tuesday, previous violations corrected.
Avonia Tavern, 7321 West Lake Road, Fairview Township. (Sewage system malfunctioning.) March 5.
Two Friends Italian Market, 827 State St. (No sanitizer in dishwasher.) Also 1 noncritical violation. March 5. Reinspected Wednesday, previous violations corrected.
Walmart Supercenter, 108 Washington Towne Blvd., Washington Township. (Milk sold past expiration date.) March 4.
Chan An Restaurant, 3740 Peach St. Wednesday.
Gabby Rose's Homestyle Restaurant, 6143 Route 6N, Springfield Township. Wednesday.
Cabaret, 5442 West Ridge Road, Millcreek Township. Wednesday.
Waterford Hotel, 213 High St., Waterford. Monday.
Dairy Queen, 3505 W. 26th St., Millcreek Township. March 4.
Perkins Family Restaurant, 4403 Peach St. March 4.
Subway, 2251 W. 38th St., Millcreek Township. Tuesday.
Country Fair, 7495 E. Main St., Fairview Township. Monday.
TJ's Ice Cream Palace and Arcade, 13283 Route 6, Wayne Township. March 5.
Family First Sports Park -- Mike's Mocha, 8155 Oliver Road, Summit Township. March 4.
Steppin' Out Lounge, 1956 Buffalo Road. Wednesday.
Rose Garden Cafe, 815 State St. Wednesday.
Hamot Medical Center cafeteria, 201 State St. Wednesday.
Pleasant Ridge Manor, 8300 West Ridge Road, Fairview Township. Tuesday.
Union City Masonic Hall, 10 Prospect St., Union City. Tuesday.
Cafe Roses, 10 Prospect St., Union City. Tuesday.
Mount Calvary Catholic Church, 2022 East Lake Road. Tuesday.
All American Catering, 10 Prospect St., Union City. Tuesday.
Plymouth Tavern, 1109 State St. Monday.
Circle K, 3327 Pine Ave. Monday.
Country Fair, 2841 W. 12th St., Millcreek Township. Monday.
Bayfront Convention Center, 1 Sassafras Pier. March 5.
Family Dollar, 103 W. Main St., North East. March 5.
Czartoryski's Cafe, 302 Parade St. March 5.
Tillie's, 10651 W. Main St., North East Township. March 5.
Quality Inn & Suites, 6467 Sterrettania Road, McKean Township. March 5.
Tamarack Tavern, 136 N. Center St., Corry. March 5.
RJ's, 25 E. High St., Union City. March 4.
Church of the Cross, 5901 Millfair Road, Millcreek Township. March 4.
CVS Pharmacy, 118 W. Main St., North East. March 4.
CYS Club, 1602 E. 38th St. March 4.
Holy Cross Church, 7100 West Ridge Road, Fairview Township. March 4.
La Casa de Pizza, 13 E. Main St., North East. March 4.
Villa Maria Academy cafeteria, 2403 W. Eighth St., Millcreek Township. Wednesday.
Ponderosa Steak House, 4444 Buffalo Road, Harborcreek Township. Wednesday.
Imperial China Buffet I, 5138 Peach St., Millcreek Township. Wednesday.
Papa John's, 3546 W. 12th St., Millcreek Township. Monday.
Splash Lagoon -- Lagoona Grill, 8091 Peach St., Summit Township. March 5.
Kwik Fill, 82 E. Main St., North East. March 4.
Hillside Tavern, 9450 Phillips Road, Amity Township. March 4.
Luigi's Bar & Grill, 727 W. 18th St. March 4.
Mario's, 2614 East Ave. Monday.


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