FLORIDA: Restaurant inspection results are just a click away

Posted: August 6th, 2009 - 10:23am
Source: The Ledger

We all get curious when a restaurant suddenly closes in our neighborhood. Or perhaps you have a less-than-savory experience at a longtime joint. And then there are always the issue of cockroaches and restrooms and the like.
Now you have convenient access to up-to-date restaurant inspections at TheLedger.com/restaurantinspections.
"The restaurant inspections are just one part of our effort to provide readers with more information about living in Polk County," said Barry Friedman, The Ledger's Managing Editor/Digital. "We're building a collection of databases at www.theledger.com/datacentral to help people find answers about the local community.
The online inspection reports complement The Ledger's ongoing restaurant coverage, he says.
"The restaurant inspections help to make our dining guide even more useful. When readers read restaurant reviews at www.theledger.com/dining, the reviews now show how many critical violations the restaurant has and include links to the latest inspections."
The inspections go back a couple of years and include critical and noncritical violations, all provided by the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants.
Web site visitors can search for inspections by restaurant name or city. More than 25,000 have checked on a restaurant already.


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